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Office furniture thinkingcountermeasures of the domestic market (2)


In view of the full stop building the party and government organs of government building projects, office, hotel furniture enterprises should timely transformation.

July 23 (Reuters) general office of the central committee of the communist party of China, the state council general office recently issued on the party and government organs to stop notice new government building projects and clean the office premises. 5 years, the party and government organs at all levels shall be in any form and the reason for the new government building projects. 1, stop the construction and expansion of government building projects. 2, stop the relocation, the purchase of government building projects. 3, it is strictly prohibited in the name of the "college", "center" and other construction government building projects. 4, approved but not yet started government building projects of the construction of the project, shall be stopped.

On the one hand, office, hotel furniture enterprises should take party government of projects under construction projects, ensure the quality, and complete the winning project supporting the production of the work on time. The focus to the world, on the other hand, a us-funded enterprises and private enterprises, attaches great importance to the development of banking, telecommunications, automotive and other industries of site office furniture of form a complete set system, attaches great importance to the development of private investment in star hotel, cheap hotels, property right type hotel apartment hotel furniture of form a complete set.

For personalized needs of furniture consumption market, design innovation has become an important support the development of the industry.

On July 1, the world intellectual property organization according to the 2013 global innovation index report released, Switzerland and Sweden to continue in the top two global innovation index. China listed 35th, from 2012, a drop. Breakthrough innovation, encouraging innovation policy obstacles exist in China at present is an urgent need to solve the problem. Hong Kong, China's seventh.

At present, the style of furniture market showed a trend of diversification, for the first time to buy, buy to buy furniture, furniture decorate secondary purchase of furniture, home furniture, children furniture, the old furniture, economy applicable room buy furniture requirements, plus the north-south differences, age difference, cultural difference, the difference of income, the culture differences, gives us a broad space for product design and development.

For household market overheating, local construction slowdown in construction of new market.

At present, the household market construction pace too fast in some regions. Professional market, the more the more open, has generally been declining same-store sales and revenue profit, in the current market is not so good situation, a lot of apathy, insufficient market sentiment, business incentives, free, the phenomenon such as proprietary, and even individual resistance to rent, the from field, close the door.

We hope all developers should first through favorable rent, increased investment in propaganda, effective promotional activities, solve the maintenance, training and development of specialized market has opened; Secondly, to shut down the old part of the old city has no potential market professional market; At the same time, the development of new professional market construction should be rational and scientifically, prevent the parts of the city construction of professional market cluster blindly, overheating, the uneven development.

Furniture industrial park rush for all parts of the country, enterprises should be cautious rational treatment.

Is being built all over the country in recent years, the furniture industrial park, have introduced various preferential policies to attract the furniture of guangdong enterprises to invest in the mainland to do, but also a land indicators, supporting facilities, comprehensive services, some problems of leadership management, affects the normal development of enterprise investment. Exactly in this area, transfer, transfer, in the northwest of guangdong province and outside the province, worth thinking about.