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Understated elegance: Sydney Shine office design


Sydney shine expects the new office design to be unique. American top furniture manufacturer Herman Miller sense workstations plans office furniture design scheme for shine company. Smart and innovative conceptual design provides a solution for shine's sustainable development and growth.

Shine's office is located in Sydney CBD with beautiful seaport scenery. The design of the office should naturally match the outdoor scenery. The low-key and luxurious space design elements and exquisite details make shine's office present a fashionable and elegant exquisite temperament. Exquisite furniture and color matching make the space full of warm and comfortable emotional experience.

The interesting, functional and lasting space is perfectly reflected in this case. The exterior wall of the transparent glass building faces the blue harbor and is set up by the window. The outdoor wooden corridor provides plenty of leisure space. Breathing the breath of the sea and bathing in the warm sunshine, the pressure of work here is gradually melted by the environment, and the relaxed and comfortable Australian style fills my heart.